The benefits and key value of an effective Intelligence solution lies in enabling decision-makers in the organization to have access to more complete information and be able to discover insights about their market.


“Comintelli offers a very robust workflow process than can make competitive intelligence analysts more efficient. By enabling analysts to discover key information, create and collaborate on reports in a consistent manner, to easily add visuals which convey key trends, and deliver this information in a variety of ways throughout the organization, each analyst has more impact and opportunity to inform decision-makers.”

FreePint, Independent product review published in July 2014. Download the article Product Review of Intelligence2day®!




benefit improved decitions

Improved quality in decision making – Spend more time analyzing rather than searching for information.

benefit Analyze

Cost reductions
Save time and money by increased employee productivity.

benefit innovation

Increased innovation – Not just for executives, but for all employees.

…and more benefits

benefit time

Faster decision-making – All relevant information is structured and available quickly in one place.

benefit customer relations

Improved customer relations – More responsive organizations by networking existing expertise & sharing valuable insights.

benefit employees

Competence development – Less need to “reinvent the wheel”.

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