Intelligence2day® is an award-winning information access platform that provides a single point of access to information from multiple sources. It is a search-based software application designed to make knowledge workers more productive.

 Intelligence2day Features screenshots

Intelligence2day® Features

Intelligence2day® is available in two options; Professional and Enterprise.


Responsive & Standardized

A standardized service available via internet that includes basic information access functionality and is normally for small to medium businesses or teams of 1-20 users.


Responsive Design – Responsive User Interface for Desktop, Tablet & Mobile

Personalization – My Alerts, My Basket, My Library, My Reports, My Settings, My Profile

Content Aggregation – RSS Feeds, Google News, Web Monitoring

Content Management – Publish, Read, and Edit Articles

Classification – Automatic and Manual Classification, Topic Navigtion

Search – Full Text Search, Intelligence Search

Visual Analytics – Graphs & Charts

System Administration – Users, Topics, RSS Feeds

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Highly configurable

A customizable solution that includes more advanced information access functionality and is normally for more than 20 users, scaling up to thousands of users.


Personalization – Suggested Alerts, My Searches, My RSS Reader, My Shortcuts, Customizable design of Dashboards

Content Aggregation – Email, XML, FTP, LAN Import, Database Import

Content Management – Access rights in different levels, Approve Articles, Profiles

Collaboration – Chat, Give Feedback, Calendar, Expertise Location, Multiple Dashboards for different purposes

Visual Analytics – Graphs & Charts, Matrix Heat Maps, Benchmarker

Tracker – Usage Statistics, Knowledge Points, Popular Places, Topic Statistics

Full System Administration – Access Groups, Dashboards, Feeds, Roles, Configuration

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“With the introduction of the cloud-based option, Intelligence2day®, Comintelli has significantly changed the game. This product does a remarkable job of incorporating the key strengths of the product with an ‘out of the box’ solution that requires a much shorter start-up time.”

– FreePint, Independent product review published in July 2014. Read the article Product Review of Comintelli’s Software in Resource Center!


If you know how to use a web browser, you know how to use Intelligence2day®. It’s all web-based with little or no training required. You will be up and running in minutes, not weeks!

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