Some of the Knowledge Management and Competitive Intelligence features in Intelligence2day® Enterprise are described below.

Intelligence2day Enterprise Dashboard for Competitive Intelligence


Different user groups can design multiple Dashboards filtered with specific information, yet still have the secure and centralized control of a single system.


Intelligence2day Enterprise Find the information you need


Users can easily find all information that has been published and stored in Intelligence2day® by using an embedded version of the market leading search engine Apache Solr. It is one of the fastest and most scalable search engines available.


Intelligence2day Enterprise Visual Analytics

Visual Analytics

Users can create graphical charts (e.g. pie charts, line graphs, geolocation) of selected search queries or topics over a period of defined time period to allow for easy comparisons (Benchmarker) and to spot trends over time. Signal Spotter visualizes the “buzz” about a topic in a cloud format.


Intelligence2day Enterprise Matrix Heat Map

Matrix Heat Maps

Matrix Heat Map dynamically visualizes number of hits in a three dimensional matrix format. A unique tool that brings powerful and dynamic analysis to the world of unstructured information.

Intelligence2day Enterprise - Mobile Interface - Responsive Design

Mobile Interface

Intelligence2day® offers responsive web design and mobile interfaces for a seamless end user experience and lets you access the critical information you need, wherever you are and whenever you need it.