Intelligence2day® Professional Knowledge Management and Competitive Intelligence features are described below.

Intelligence2day Professional Portal

Start and Search Page

All incoming articles and news (both from external and internal sources) are presented in a user friendly way. Articles are automatically classified and organized into 4 main topics (Organization, Place, Theme, Business). The search engine allows you to find all articles by typing in your query in the search box and drilling down using the topics. Your results can be sorted in date or relevancy order.


Intelligence2day Professional Article

An Article

Each article includes a headline, summary, body text and any attached files and links. All articles can be automatically translated. Users can easily add comments to articles.
Intelligence2day Professional Alerts - get instantly notified

Create alerts and reports

The process of generating alerts, newsletters and reports is highly automated and very fast. Each report can be commented and designed before it is sent out to distribution lists.  Users can easily set up personal alerts to automatically be notified when new articles or information is available.




View graphical charts (e.g. line graphs, bar graphs, geolocation) of your content to spot trends over time. Signal Spotter visualizes the “buzz” about a topic in a cloud format.


Mobile Interface

Intelligence2day® offers responsive web design and mobile interfaces for a seamless end user experience and lets you access the critical information you need, wherever you are and whenever you need it.