Getting started with Intelligence2day®

In case you need some help we have gathered How-to-guides and manuals to get you started!


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To read more detailed functionality, see the Administration and User Manuals below:

Administration Manual (922 kB) helps the Administrator with the setup of Intelligence2day® and how to manage users, topics and sources.

User Manual (974 kB) provides the user with an overview of the available functionality within Intelligence2day® and how to use it.

Adding content

Step-by-step guide to add content to your Intelligence Portal.
How to import RSS feeds to Intelligence2day® (242 kB)

Bring structure to your content

In order to capture and find relevant content in your Intelligence Portal it is essential to set up Topics and Rules.

Step-by-Step Guide How to Set up Topics and Rules (531 kB)

My Alerts

Set up personal alerts to automatically be notified when new articles or information is available.
How to Setup Alerts (404 kB)

My Favorites & My Library

My Favorites (previously called My Basket) and My Library can help you in your daily work by collecting articles of interest to a personal work area. Create reports and save valuable articles, reports etc. to a personal library for storage and further use.

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