How It Works

“Intelligence is an organization’s most valuable asset and should be managed as such!”

Intelligence2day® aggregates content from multiple sources and automatically organizes it using taxonomies and topic maps. The powerful search engine quickly returns content in a relevant format, vastly reducing time to knowledge, so you save time and money.

Intelligence2day® can be viewed as a funnel that connects information sources with information users:


how it works intelligence2day funnel

It is a search-based application that automates:

Aggregating content from multiple sources
Classifying both documents and people using topic maps (taxonomies)
Searching full text documents
Analyzing trends and patterns
Delivering content in a relevant format to authorized users


“A tool to create a custom taxonomy supported by sophisticated search algorithms which can provide consistency in retrieval over many different types of content”
FreePint, Independent product review published in July 2014.
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You have at your fingertips the intelligence you need to identify opportunities, risks and trends with significantly less duplicative research.

When you improve your ability to create value by harnessing your unstructured information, you will become more confident and effective in business.

With Intelligence2day®, you can access the critical information you need, when you need it!