How It Works


Intelligence2day® can be delivered in multiple formats to accommodate your need for simplicity, security and speed.

cloudPublic Cloud – Software as a Service. Available for the Professional option. Wherever you are, simply log in on the web and get to work. We take care of the technical infrastructure, so there is no need to involve IT departments or technical resources.

Private Cloud – Hosted by Comintelli’s partner Rackspace. Available for the Enterprise option. Combines the speed and simplicity of a Public Cloud solutions with some flexibility and customizability.

Private On Premise – Behind customer firewalls. Available for the Enterprise option. Suitable for customers requiring specific systems integrations, customizations and/or very high security and control.


Managed Cloud hosting

Wherever you information is hosted, it must not only be easily accessible for authorized users, but also be secure from unauthorized access.

Because of the complexity and importance of hosting information properly, it is highly recommended that specialists take care of this. This is the greatest appeal of using a managed cloud.

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