The chemical industry is dynamic and relies heavily on innovation. As a leader in this field, you face the ongoing challenge of equipping your team with the knowledge they need to make informed and strategic decisions, both in the present and in the future. Working with Intelligence2day® can provide valuable insights and information that will help you stay ahead of the curve while freeing up your time to focus on leading your organization to success.

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Our renowned tool, Intelligence2day®, is helping top tech companies save enormous amounts of time and resources by:

  • Finding relevant information, and fast. Instead of time wasted searching, you can use that time to analyze.
  • Tracking and monitoring news with efficiency, speed and scale that humans can never match.
  • Discovering new opportunities and threats that were not already on your radar.
  • Finding golden insights from relevant and quality controlled content that can help you make more informed business decisions.
  • Using one-single platform company-wide, so that all employees can easily be informed, as well as tailor the platform depending on their role and needs.

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Don’t Settle for Making Strategic Decisions in the Dark!

Intelligence2day® is designed to help businesses streamline their processes and drive efficiency. The platform features a range of innovative solutions, including Intelligence Management for rapid, targeted information retrieval, Media Monitoring for comprehensive news tracking at scale, Trend Radar for identifying new potential opportunities and threats, and Insight Generation for refined content filtering and quality control.
With these powerful tools at their disposal, businesses can significantly enhance their Competitive Intelligence capabilities, improving their strategic decision-making and overall performance.


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