Customer Cases

Intelligence2day® has helped our customers stay one step ahead, no matter the industry. Take a look at some of our customer case studies.

Here’s how Intelligence2day® helped DSM establish an automatic way of receiving, finding and using data, to ensure the company stays on the forefront of trends.

Essity is a leading global hygiene and health company that distributes many successful brands to over 150 different countries.

Here’s how Intelligence2day® established a new, modern market intelligence system that allows them to involve all employees on a global scale.

Find out how Intelligence2day® helped the Manufacturing company centralize their intelligence to improve consistency and quality across the organization.

This is how a small global CI team used Intelligence2day® to monitor critical news and alert decision makers in the fast changing solar power industry.

Find out how Intelligence2day® helped the Technology company improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their market intelligence work.

This is how Nouryon future-proofed their business, all while reducing operating costs..

Find out how Intelligence2day® reduced information overload and continues to drive relevant content to numerous sectors of the company.

Find out how Intelligence2day® helped create a central place to store data as well as encourage insight sharing throughout the organisation.

Find out how this top pharmaceutical company saved time and resources using Intelligence2day®’ to capture conference data in seconds, which would usually take weeks to process.

Find out how Intelligence2day® created an efficient market intelligence solution that offered both centralized control but also distributed dashboards that catered to each business unit's particular area of interest.