1What is competitive intelligence?
Competitive intelligence definition: Competitive intelligence is the systematic collection and analysis of information from multiple sources, often from coordinated CI software. It can also be referred to as competitor intelligence.
2What is market intelligence?
Much like competitive intelligence, market intelligence is the information that can be found by an organization from the market in which it operates. Market intelligence can help to determine segmentation, threats, opportunity and existing market metrics.
3What is the difference between competitive intelligence and market intelligence?
Simply put, market intelligence refers to information from external business markets and competitive intelligence refers to information pertaining to one’s competitors. Our award-winning intelligence software focuses on both competitive intelligence and market intelligence to ensure an organization is receiving the most relevant information it needs to make confident decisions.
4Who uses market and competitive intelligence?
Competitive intelligence can be used by anyone within an organization but it is specifically helpful to key decision-makers. Many different departments may need market and competitive intelligence for different reasons, ranging from sales and marketing teams, product development teams to executive leaders who will use insights to make informed decisions.
5Why is competitive intelligence important?
Competitive intelligence is crucial for all businesses to understand their competitive landscape, as well as the opportunities and challenges it presents. In order to thrive and succeed, an organization must know what they are up against and make smart decisions accordingly.
6What are the different types of competitive intelligence?
A few common types of competitive intelligence include, but are not limited to, competitors in the news, competitor shifts and changes, job listings and new opening positions, social media content, market and stock index, human capital movement and news on trade shows.
7What are the benefits of market and competitive intelligence?
Organizations can benefit from better decision making, improved and more distributed knowledge on competitors and the market, anticipated changes and shifts in the environment, better cooperation and innovation, increase in targeted projects, and of course access to quality information, to name just a few.
8Can CI (competitive intelligence) be measured on return on investment (ROI)?
The benefits of competitive intelligence are plenty, but when it comes to measuring its effectiveness, it is not always easy, but certainly not impossible. There are a few ways in which one could measure its success such as the cost of staff hours, CI tools and IT equipment. This can be measured by the benefits of reduced time on labour, less information received resulting in more relevant content that decreases time, removing any duplication, detecting business opportunities which resulted in a profit, as well as increased efficiency in information management.
9What is a SWOT analysis?
Companies use a SWOT analysis as a strategic planning technique to help identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats related to the company’s competition.
10What is win/loss analysis?
A win/loss analysis is a process that helps determine why leads or deals are won or lost and evaluate their performance against the industry, company size, persona, competitor involvement and more.
11Can I be alerted when something of interest is happening?
Yes, Intelligence2day can work for you by monitoring any search or topic selection within the system and send an email with what it finds on a schedule. Both email and RSS are supported.
12Is there an Intelligence2day® app available for download?
Intelligence2day® uses a responsive design that adapts to the device used to consume information. Smaller screen, no problem Intelligence2day® will adapt and show your information in an easy to read format.
13Can I access Intelligence2day® through my mobile device?
Yes, Intelligence2day is hosted in the cloud which makes it accessible from wherever you are, on the beach, a cabin in the woods or on a mountain top. Insights at your fingertips - literally!
14How can I interact with Intelligence2day® when I'm out and about?
Through your mobile device everything you did in front of your desktop computer can be accessed when you are out and about. Great for your daily commute.
15Can I modify the dashboards myself at any time?
Yes, you can make changes in the Dashboard by yourself. It's possible to change template, move, add and remove objects or change object settings. This will give you the flexibility to adapt your Dashboard as new needs appear and your C&MI landscape changes.

Something about the resources required to run? Apparently one very common worry - that it will require involvement and time from a lot of people. As an answer - mention that one of our largest customers, with tens of thousands of system users is administered by one single person….