We take security very seriously

Securing customer data is a top priority for us! This is why some of the largest multinational companies in the world entrust us with their information.

User authentication in Intelligence2day® is done through login. It is accessed through secured encrypted connection (https) and an encrypted user ID and password (login).

security secure user authentication

Single Sign On

It is also possible to set up automatic registration via Single Sign On using SAML. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encrypts the traffic between the Server and Client, unabling an external party to intercept the data stream.

Firewall protection

Intelligence2day® is hosted in a secure server environment in which a firewall and other intrusion protection technologies are used to prevent abuse by third parties.

The firewall protection includes Spoofing, Denial of Service attacks (DoS) and OS Fingerprinting. Log files are stored for traceability.  An automatic Intrusion Surveillance system monitors known patterns for hackers trying to gain control of the system.


Security in Intelligence2day®

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