Content Connectors & API

In order to easily add different information sources, Intelligence2day® offers various Content Connectors. The sources that are most relevant to you are connected and Intelligence2day® automatically transforms these various information assets into a structured and relevant format.


Intelligence2day® is content flexible allowing customers to connect to exactly the sources and content that suits them best. Content Aggregation enables automatic, scheduled retrieval of information and news from a wide range of sources, external as well as internal.

It is possible to integrate with third-party content providers to cover many sources all over the world in many different languages. Intelligence2day® retrieves content in any format, e.g. XML feeds, SharePoint, LAN Import, monitoring of web sources, RSS and JSON feeds and e-mails.

Even though Intelligence2day® has been connected to thousands of different content sources worldwide, there are a number of content providers that occur more frequently, such as Newsedge, Dow Jones Factiva, Global Data, IDC, Lexis Nexis, Meltwater.


The purpose of the Intelligence2day® Application Programming Interfaces (API’s) is to provide tools for publishing or extracting data from the platform, and to provide Intelligence2day® functionality to other systems. All API’s can be used by any suitable programming language.

There are five main Intelligence2day® API’s:
• Publish API
• Feed Out API
• Classification API
• Topic API
• Search API