Price Test Convertor

For Market And Competitive Intelligence Professionals


  • 5 Users With Full Rights
  • Unlimited users. Pricing differs depending on the number of users you need.
  • Core Setup & Dedicated Onboarding
  • Unlimited Dashboards & Monitoring Scope
  • Complete Content Management Control
  • Integrate Your In-house Applications(Sharepoint, Salesforce, Teams, Slack, Tableau, PowerBI, and more)
  • Connect Any Source (“RSS, JSON, Webpage extractor, E-mail feed, Internal content, Intelligence2day® API’s”)
  • Unlimited Monitoring
  • Free World-class Maintenance & Support
  • Seamless Professional Newsletter Creation
  • Custom Alerts And Control For Users
  • Full Mobile Version For On-The-Go
  • Automatic Content Classification
  • AI Based Search
  • Powerful Analytics & Charts