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Starting at $2,000 €2,000 /Month


All features are included in your subscription.

Powerful Analytics

Automatic Data Collection

Reports, Alerts, Newsletters

AI Enabled Search and Classification


Assign a dedicated role to each person.

We have partnered with industry-leading news providers to make intelligence collection and curation easier. Explore each option by clicking the links below.

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Frequently Asked Questions
How do I get started with Intelligence2day®?

We offer pilots for you to evaluate before you commit. Our Customer Success team will walk you through how it works, explain the various features, and answer any questions you may have about Intelligence2day®. We will also point out how your team can get the most benefit out of the software and assist you in choosing the right combination of features and add-ons to meet your needs and budget.

Can I personalize my RSS feeds?

Yes, Intelligence2day can be customised to support either RSS or JSON feeds. All feeds undergo an enrichment process, content tagging, and keyword analysis. Sometimes, you will need to authenticate a paywall to access full-length articles.

What does an administrator do?

An administrator is in charge of various administrative tasks on Intelligence2day®. Within an organization, this could be the user that becomes most familiar with the software, provides access rights to other users within the company, and produces intelligence for various departments. Administrators can customize dashboards, curate and disseminate content, and integrate in-house applications.

How much will I pay?

Market and competitive intelligence plans start at $2,000 per month but what you pay will depend on the contents of your chosen plan. Intelligence2day® has many add-ons and different features that determine the final price. Contact a member of our sales team to assist you with a personalized quote. Book a demo here.

Does the price include training and support?

Yes, we offer world-class support to all our customers. Current Intelligence2day® users have rated our Customer Success (CS) team as very proactive and quick to respond. Our CS team will assist you with any questions you may have, and you are welcome to join our global user community to expand your knowledge of M&CI.