SCIP Webinar – From Seeds to Fruits – The 6 Growth Phases of an Intelligence Management Solution

Market and competitive intelligence is a key strategic business competency that aims at providing actionable insights about the rapidly changing business environment. To do this, organizations need a solution that filters and manages the oceans of available information about their business, competitors and trends.  We call this an Intelligence Management solution in which technology is a very important component, but not the only one. Based on research and experience with hundreds of organizations over the last 20 years, we have identified 6 main phases that organizations go through as they grow into their Intelligence Management solution, from seed to fruit.  This session will provide guidance into how you can reap real benefits from investing in a competitive intelligence platform.

Key Take Aways:
Why are Intelligence Management solutions are critical to any modern organization today.
What are the 6 stages that an organization typically goes through?
Where are you on your growth path?
How do you keep on nurturing and growing your intelligence solutions?

Gabriel Anderbjörk, entrepreneur and management consultant at Inzyon
Jesper Martell, CEO and co-founder of Comintelli


Tuesday, February 25, 2020 – 04:00 PM UTC+2