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How To Make Information Intelligible

Data is more valuable than oil today. And more abundant than ever before. Still, only a fraction of it is used for analysis. A lot of is noise of course but the part of the total volume that is suitable […]

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SCIP Webinar – From Seeds to Fruits – The 6 Growth Phases of an Intelligence Management Solution

Market and competitive intelligence is a key strategic business competency that aims at providing actionable insights about the rapidly changing business environment. To do this, organizations need a solution that filters and manages the oceans of available information about their […]

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Considerations For Selecting A Market & Competitive Intelligence Technology Solution

Market and competitive intelligence (M&CI) is a fundamental strategic business competency, and a growing range of technology solutions are available for optimizing this work.  It’s a good time to upgrade the approach you’re using now and consider adopting M&CI technology.  […]

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Evolving CI Technology from the Age of Collectors to the Age of Augmented Intelligence – July 10th, 2019

This webinar will highlight the state of technologies being used in Competitive/Market Intelligence solutions today and what value they bring to modern organizations through Augmented Intelligence. It will draw on some of the learnings and conclusions from the interactive session […]

Augmented Intelligence